For more than 200 years, starting in the early 16th century, there was slavery in Peru, mostly people kidnapped from Africa who had first been brought to the eastern coast of South America and then taken to Peru. The descendants of these people are today’s Afro-Peruvians: people fully Peruvian but with a lively cultural tradition of their own which includes music and dance.

The documentary includes lots of performance (especially dance) along with interviews, on-location footage, photographs and a host’s narration. Our star is Lalo Izquierdo: dancer, choreographer, percussionist and folklorist of his community. Filmed in the USA and in Peru, it is in SD (the square format image).

Special thanks to Lalo Izquierdo plus Óscar Chambi Eschegaray, Carlos López, Edith Maldonado and Juan Medrano Cotito!

NOTE: to contribute to maintaining Afro-Peruvian music and dance in its country of origin, you can make a donation on-line to Lalo Izquierdo's cultural center. PayPal doesn't work in Peru, but you can go to Western Union. Send the money to José Orlando Izquierdo Fune (Lalo Izquierdo's formal name) in Peru. You might want to include a message saying "Kumaco" (which is the name of his cultural organization).